Initiatives for migrants

Channelling remittances for development

This section contains a sort of “bulletin board” with information on initiatives to help migrants support development in their countries of origin. It includes funding opportunities, best practices, research results and more.
Our aim is simply to gather and present information on an on-going basis. We cannot claim here to present an exhaustive or complete overview. But we are open to any and all innovations that emerge over time, and we welcome all contributions and up-dates that can help us to expand and improve the information provided.

Italian Development Cooperation Initiatives. Italian Development Cooperation’s intervention instruments include an initiative on aid credit for Senegal to create a private sector support platform and provide opportunities for the Senegalese Diaspora in Italy
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International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Initiatives. The IOM has launched a series of projects to increase the impact of remittances on development in high emigration areas:

1. MIDA - Migration for Development in Africa /Ghana - Senegal
2. MIGRESSOURCES - Migration and Return, Resources for Development
3. WMIDA - Migrant Women for Development in Africa
4. DIAS De Cabo Verde - DIASPORA for DEvelopment of Cape Verde

- Of the IOM initiatives, the Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) strategy is particularly significant.
Its goal is to promote and sponsor an innovative international cooperation strategy aimed at enhancing the leading role immigrants play in the socio-economic growth of their countries of origin.
Document: MIDA - Co-Development Partnership Initiative (CeSPI Strategy Paper, in Italian)
Document: MIDA – Financial Instruments to Make the Most of Remittances for Development (CeSPI Strategy Paper, in Italian)

- Joint European Commission and United Nations migration and development initiative
The European Commission and the United Nations have identified four thematic areas associated with the migration-development relationship, in which to present project proposals and share information and practices:

1. Migrant Capacities;
2. Migrant Communities;
3. Migrant Remittances;
4. Migrant Rights.

- Foundations 4 Africa Initiative
The Fondazione Cariparma, Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo and the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena are supporting various partners, including immigrant associations, in their effort to improve the economic and social conditions of the people living in rural and sub-urban Senegal.

Specific goals include:
1. enhancing the role of Senegalese migrants residing in Italy in fostering development in their own country.
2. making the most of local products and resources as a source of income, especially for vulnerable social groups.
3. fostering the active participation of civil society and organisations representing vulnerable social groups in local development mechanisms and in policy decision-making at various levels (local, national, etc.).

- Milan Co-Development Initiative.
The City of Milan is promoting and sponsoring decentralised international cooperation projects, including project proposals by migrants and migrants’ associations, through a call for co-development proposals.
Municipal Co-Development Policies. Esperienze europee a confronto e benchmarking del Bando sul co-sviluppo del Comune di Milano, 2007-2008 (CeSPI Paper, in Italian)

- IFAD Call for proposals “Financing Facility for Remittances”
The International Fund for Agricultural Development, in partnership with the European Commission, the InterAmerican Development Bank, and other bodies, has sponsored a call for proposals on “promoting innovative remittance systems and investment channels for migrants”.

- Juntos por los Andes
In 2006 several Latin American migrants’ associations in Italy, with the assistance of CeSPI and SID, began to examine their role in relation to their countries of origin and residence and their potential role in the world of development cooperation. After about one year of work, 20 associations came together to form a single grouping, Juntos por los Andes (JPLA). The new association’s goal, as development actors in their countries of origin, is to learn about, carry out and promote cooperation initiatives.
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- Fondazione Senegal Italia
More than 20 Senegalese associations grouped together to form the Federation of Senegalese in Northern Italy (FASNI) are creating a foundation to develop training, business support and development activities in their country of origin. The Federation is assisted by the NGO IPSIA, the Etimos Consortium and Banca Etica, and backed by a contribution from the City of Milan.

- Sunugal
A socio-cultural association formed by a group of Senegalese and Italian citizens to foster cultural exchanges, integration initiatives and development in their communities of origin. The main office is located in Milan but there are various branches in other locations in Italy.

- Migration and Development - Good Practices and Lessons Learned. Contribution from the Sierra Leone Youth Initiative

- Empowering women migrant workers: Examples of good practice

RECOMMENDED READING (NEWS AND ARTICLES) - FAO-OIM agreement to help migrants invest in their countries of origin

- Migration4development
Use this site to meet others working in Migration and Development, exchange ideas and form partnerships. Members of the forum include civil society organizations, diaspora groups, migrants associations, local authorities and UN agencies.